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What's YOUR scariest dental story?
What's YOUR scariest dental story?With Halloween right around the corner, we want to hear your tales of the scariest, weirdest, grossest, most bizarre things you’ve have seen in the dental industry. What’s the craziest story that’s come out of your workplace? The disgusting thing that still makes your shiver when you think about it? The most absurd moment in your career? We want to hear it all.
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The top 10 dental memes of 2015Don’t get us wrong, we love our profession and our patients, but if we can’t make light of our daily experiences, we may poke our eyes out with a sickle scaler! So here are the best dental memes of 2015.
Your top 13 scariest dental horror storiesThere are things that happen in a dental practice that would make The Walking Dead seem like a walk in the park. There are stories that could be told that would make Frankenstein think fire wasn’t so bad. We asked dental team members to tell us the stories that still make them shake their head and cringe … and plenty of them answered
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