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Your top 13 scariest dental horror storiesThere are things that happen in a dental practice that would make The Walking Dead seem like a walk in the park. There are stories that could be told that would make Frankenstein think fire wasn’t so bad. We asked dental team members to tell us the stories that still make them shake their head and cringe … and plenty of them answered
Support healthy smiles – and the troops – this Halloween
Support healthy smiles – and the troops – this Halloween

Halloween season can feel like a real-life horror movie for dentists, with all of the candy, sweets and sugar damaging seemingly healthy smiles.  This year, help your patients avoid the dental risks of too much sugar with a Halloween candy buy-back program.

Wanted: Your dental practice horror stories

It won’t be long until it’s Halloween, that annual celebration of all things creepy, crawly, and downright spooky. While many scary things have happened and will happen on October 31, it’s a sad statement that scary things happen in dental practices throughout the country every day. As a dental team member, we know you’ve witnessed plenty of things that would make our skin crawl … so we want to hear your best horror story.

5 reasons kids will love Wrigley’s Orbit® for Kids sugarfree chewing gum

With Halloween only a few weeks away, your young patients are likely going to get their fill of sugar. Orbit® for Kids gum is a sweet choice, yet without all the sugar, that kids will love and parents can feel good about.

Here are five other reasons your patients might want to check it out:

Vampire fang dentistry is a real thing, apparently.
Vampire fang dentistry is a real thing, apparently.

Check out how far a few die-hard fans of the current vampire craze - likely fueled in part by the Twilight and True Blood franchises - wi

ADA/PopCap Games Halloween Survey: Kids want alternatives to candy

According to a survey that targets trick-or-treating children (ages 5 to 13), the majority of kids agree they eat too much candy and would still enjoy Halloween if it focused more on other types of fun. The study found that out of 755 U.S. children respondents, 65% consider Halloween the best holiday of the year, while 78% agree with the statement, "too much candy is bad for me."