The dawning of Google Glass loupes for the dental professional

When the concept of Google Glass was first announced, it didn’t take long for dental professionals (and our own technology editor, Dr. John Flucke) to wonder how the invention would impact dentistry. A group of dental students from the University of Michigan appears to have taken a big leap toward answering that question.

Who is REALLY looking for dental implants information?

The continuous innovation and development of dental implants has patients excited about the possibilities for their smiles, but where in the United States are dental patients most interested in learning about implants?

Make Your Lab More Visible Online [VIDEO]

Online Marketing. Search Engine Optimization. Social Media. These buzzwords have taken over the dental marketing landscape over the course of the past few years.

Thursday's Patient Tip of the Day

Make it easy for them to contact you. Gone are the days where all your patients call your office to confirm appointments or learn more about what your practice offers. They’re doing their research through Google searches and social media before they even think about picking up the phone, and many of them would prefer not calling at all.

10 ways you should never describe yourself

Great marketing isn't always easy. Whether marketing yourself, your practice or a dental product, there is a fine line between messages and strategies that make you feel good and messages and strategies that make your potential patients and customers say yes to what you're offering.

Google Plus Local gets your practice found, rated and shared

Google Places is out. The search engine giant announced Wednesday that it has updated its local search platform with Google Plus Local, which will interface with Zagat, in efforts to encourage interaction on their social network Google+.

Top 5 reasons why your dental practice needs a website

America undeniably loves the Internet. More than 180 million Americans use the Internet at least once a month. Close to 80 percent of Americans use the Internet to search for health information, and among them, 54 percent specifically look for healthcare providers.

Given these statistics, it’s no surprise that there are over 11 million Internet searches for dentists within a given month.

1. Your Practice is Open to the World 24/7, 365 Days a Year

How to incorporate Google Voice in your dental practice

DPR Technology Editor Dr. John Flucke uses Google Voice to simplify communications both inside and outside of the dental office.