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What's next for the solo practice?
What's next for the solo practice?A look at the past and future of dentistry as it moves from solo practice to group management practice.
What 2017 holds for technology in dentistry
What 2017 holds for technology in dentistryWe asked manufactures and innovators how technology will change dentistry in 2017. Here’s what they told us.
The top things our dental experts are excited about in 2017
The top things our dental experts are excited about in 2017DPR spoke with several experts in our industry about what they are excited for in the dental industry in 2017—and what you should be excited for, too!
Top 10 Digital Esthetics web articles of 2016Take a look at what you decided were the 10 best Digital Esthetics articles from this past year.
The state of 3D printing
The state of 3D printingMark Ferguson analyzes the state of 3D printing, looking both at what it can do now and what the future might hold for it.
The top 9 benefits of DSOs for dentistsDental Products Report conducted a survey of 404 dentists to gauge their opinions of various issues involving practice operations. For the greatest concerns, DSO membership appears to offer solutions.
Innovator Profile: Zirkonzahn
Innovator Profile: Zirkonzahn

Innovation drives our profession and DLP wants to recognize the companies at the forefront.  In this Innovator Profile, DLP spoke with Alessandro Cucchiaro, MDT, General Manager of Zirkonzahn USA.

Focus on ROI: Is your technology delivering?

It was a fantastic gizmo when the sales representative showed it to you. You could hardly wait to bring it online. Everyone was excited in the office. But after a few months, excitement waned, and the gizmo touted to be the next best thing became the next big expensive thing collecting dust in the corner of your practice.

Group practices in dentistry: Q&A with Dr. Marc Cooper

For Dr. Marc Cooper, it’s not a matter of if group practices will change the way dentists practice their craft, it’s a matter of when.

The current and future state of the solo and group dental practice

My passion has always been dentistry and my commitment is focused on how I can enable the members of our dental profession to be successful. My travels have taken me to all 50 states and every major meeting. I am honored to present my interview with one of the true masters of the dental world, Dr. Marc Cooper, founder and president of The Mastery Company. The focus of his company over the past six years has been on group practice of all sizes.