Why confidence is important in a dental practice
Why confidence is important in a dental practiceDon't run away from things that scare you. Instead, master them!
The best ways to help dental-phobic patients
The best ways to help dental-phobic patientsMany patients are afraid of the dentist, but a good experience can go a long way to mitigating their phobias.
4 steps for treating nervous dental patientsMany patients are nervous about getting in the dental chair, but there are ways to make the experience less stressful for them.
Are your patients terrified of visiting your practice?
Are your patients terrified of visiting your practice?Some people hate going to the dentist—but here’s one possible solution to help patients feel safe and cared for.
Do your patients trust you?
Do your patients trust you?Trust can be critical in forming a positive relationship with your patients.
Are your patients stressed? Here's how to find out.

Time magazine’s June 6, 1983 cover story called stress “The Epidemic of the Eighties,” and referred to it as our leading health problem. There can be little doubt that the situation has grown progressively worse since then.

Calming dental anxiety

You walk into the reception area and call your patient’s name. Right away, you see the fear in her face as she rises gingerly from her seat. She’s nervous, she tells you, and really doesn’t want to be here.

Report: Women in their 40s face dental anxiety

Varying levels of dental anxiety are common among your patients. Here's why you should pay close attention to women in their 40s. A Sydney University study says that this specific age group is likely to have a "perceived traumatic dental experience" that keeps them from following through with treatment procedures.