Are you a Social Media Misfit?
Are you a Social Media Misfit?Are you a Social Media Misfit? Here are 10 simple social media do’s and don’ts from Virginia Cairrao, CDA, FADAA, president of the American Dental Assistants Association, that will help you tiptoe around those kinds of pitfalls and help you stay a step ahead in your digital tracks.
7 things your practice needs to know about the new Facebook business page
7 things your practice needs to know about the new Facebook business pageHave you looked at your Facebook business page lately? If not, you should take a look. Facebook quietly rolled out a new business page design that will impact the layout of your page. It is essential practices keep up with the constant changes in social media, and this is the latest example of why people need to stay on top of their social media marketing efforts.
How to use Facebook to successfully market your dental practice
How to use Facebook to successfully market your dental practiceFacebook can be a valuable marketing tool­ for dental practices—if you know how to make the best of it. .
3 ways to set social media goals that work for your dental practiceIt’s no secret dentists have come to rely on social media as an integral cornerstone of their marketing campaigns. There’s no better or easier way to reach and engage with your patient base than to post inviting content on social media profiles including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. However, not every dental team may understand the best ways to do this.
The role of the dental team in online marketing
The role of the dental team in online marketingCan a practice's digital presence be managed entirely by the dental team? Two experts weigh in.
7 simple ways to increase your dental practice's "likes" on FacebookSo why are Facebook fans so important? Well, there are several reasons. The first, and perhaps one of the most important, is that once you grow a large community of loyal fans, you increase your chances that your Facebook page will be seen. It's all about numbers.
7 tips for using social media to reach patients of all ages

Social media has forever changed American culture.

What you told us: What's the one thing that makes your day as a dental hygienist better?

We asked a simple question on the Modern Hygienist Facebook page: “What is one thing that makes your day as a hygienist better?” We got plenty of answers. It’s typical of the great conversations we often have on our MH Facebook page. If you haven’t “liked us” yet, be sure you do by clicking here.

Below are what some of your colleagues told us were the things that made their day better.

Breaking the law, dental hygiene style

Dental hygienists are arguably an officious bunch. They love their rules; they trot them out like prize ponies, showing everyone that they know the score and were taught well. But U.S. dental hygienists have a secret. They are thugs, and they don’t even know it.

Thoughts from Anastasia Turchetta: Taking accountability for your image ... and your actions

"You will never change what you tolerate." ~ Joel Osteen

Disturbing comments in a closed online group are breathing life into that statement. This week, thirteen male fourth-year dental students were suspended from all clinical activities. As if our dental profession was deficient in relevant material to promote mistrust from within it, to surprisingly hit a whole new set of dysfunctional standards outside of it.