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7 MORE ergonomics tips that can save your careerAching back? Cramped hands? These tips can help to ensure that you have a long and healthy career.
Armrests or no armrests?
Armrests or no armrests?Exploring the benefits of armrests for dental practitioners.
Backrests and your health: What does the research say?
Backrests and your health: What does the research say?Backrests are an important consideration when selecting an operator stool.
The ergonomic benefits of saddle-style stools
The ergonomic benefits of saddle-style stoolsSaddle up! Research has shown that a saddle-style stool could save your health—and your career.
Are right angles... wrong?
Are right angles... wrong?For years, sitting with your hips at a 90-degree angle was thought to be ideal. But research suggests otherwise.
How to optimize and "ergonomize" your front office
How to optimize and "ergonomize" your front officeErgonomic challenges in the front office rivals can often rival those in the dental operatory! Just as in many dental operatory scenarios, you don’t have to break the bank to ‘ergonomize’ your front office. Here are the top problems I encounter in dental front offices and easy, economical fixes.
The 4 ergonomic ‘must-haves’ in a patient chair
The 4 ergonomic ‘must-haves’ in a patient chairNaturally, you want your patient to be comfortable. However, when we compare how many hours a year the average patient spends reclined in a dental chair (several hours), with the time you spend hovering over the oral cavity (over 2000 hours), who is really at risk of developing discomfort or pain?
3 ergonomic mistakes that could end your dental career
3 ergonomic mistakes that could end your dental careerTwo out of three dental professionals report occupational pain — pain that if left unaddressed could progress to an injury or career-ending disability. From my 15 years of providing ergonomic consultations in dentistry, I can safely say that the following three ergonomic mistakes are among the primary reasons I see many dentists and hygienists develop debilitating pain syndromes and/or retire early.
How to handle daily pain in the dental office before it becomes chronic [VIDEO]

If you’re dealing with daily aches and pain during the work day, Timothy Caruso has some tips for you.

How Brewer Ergonomic Dental Seating provides comfort, efficiency and safety for clinicians [VIDEO]

Deb Byington, national sales manager at Brewer, says the nature of procedures dental clinicians perform on a daily basis puts them in a lot of awkward positions, which can take a toll on the body. Brewer Ergonomic Dental Seating aims to alleviate some of that bodily stress with its advanced ergonomic tools.