EHR selection

Comparing next-generation EHRs
Comparing next-generation EHRsWhen it comes to choosing your next EHR software, there’s more than meets the eye.
6 ways to evaluate dental group software
6 ways to evaluate dental group softwareThe top six things to keep in mind when considering new practice management software.
5 EHR tips that could save your dental practiceWhat you need to know about transitioning to EHR, negotiating contracts and how to stay HIPAA compliant.
9 questions to ask about EHRShould your practice enter the world of EHR? You should consider these things before you take the plunge.
How to negotiate your EHR deal
How to negotiate your EHR dealKnowing your way around an EHR proposal can pay off big time for your bottom line.
Your guide to electronic health records from selection to implementation and more

Do you know how Electronic Health Records (EHR) will affect your patient care, bottom line and competitiveness? Do you know where to start when it comes to securing and implementing new EHR software?

Top 3 mistakes when adopting EHRs for your practice

Navigating the numerous EHR software options can be tricky - and selecting the correct software for your practice can be even trickier. Here are three common mistakes to avoid in your search for the best EHR software.