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Dr. Flucke's top 5 test drives of 2015It’s that time of year again: Time to list the top five products that I’ve gotten to test and try this year.
3D CAD/CAM in the future of dentistry
3D CAD/CAM in the future of dentistryThe progress of dentistry has been likened to a moving sidewalk where, if you are not moving forward, progress sweeps you backward. Time and again we have seen that you can make the best buggy whips in the world, but if no one is making buggies anymore, your company is doomed to failure.
Top technologies for caries and cancer detection
Top technologies for caries and cancer detectionWhen it comes to technology and the integration of it, there are many ways to skin the “Technology Cat.” For many, it might mean integrating computers into your daily clinical routine. Or it might mean finally embracing digital radiography and adding that component to your office armamentarium.
How to transform a dental practice from low-tech to high-tech
How to transform a dental practice from low-tech to high-techSo it’s been a while (maybe a long while) since you’ve updated anything and suddenly you’re feeling left out and behind the curve. What to do?
KaVo Kerr imaging brands to host inaugural Dental 3D UniversityUp to 12 CE credits can be earned, and a $300 early bird discount is being offered to DPR readers until September 10. One of the speakers at 3DU is Dr. John Flucke, the chief dental editor and technology editor for Dental Products Report.
How to ensure the entire team is on board with technology
How to ensure the entire team is on board with technologyImplementing new practices and technologies can be great for your dental practice, provided the entire team is on board.
The top advances in caries detection

 As the “technology evangelist,” I sometimes lose myself in reading about and researching different aspects of technology. On occasion, I can go down the technology rabbit hole and disappear for hours at a time. 

Innovator Profile 2015: KaVo

Q&A with Dr. John Flucke, chief dental editor, DPR, and Dr. Michael DiTolla, DDS

Innovator Profile 2015: Gendex

We recently sat down with Dr. John Flucke, technology editor and chief dental editor for Dental Products Report, to talk about the GXS-700 sensors from Gendex.

5 technologies your practice needs to invest in now

You’re familiar with Western Union right? Right? Of course you are. At one point in time, they were reportedly the second largest telegraph company in the world.