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6 challenges in adopting dental technologyIn this article from Dental Products Report, a team of dental experts describes the challenges of incorporating technology into the dental practice, and provide solutions to help overcome these obstacles.
How technology is REALLY changing the dental workflow
How technology is REALLY changing the dental workflowIt’s obvious to any observer that technology has drastically impacted the way dentists practice—and the way they work with the dental team and specialists and how they interact with patients. we asked professionals from around the country: how is technology really changing dentistry? Here’s what they told us.
Using DEXIS Platinum digital sensors and DEXIS CariVu
Using DEXIS Platinum digital sensors and DEXIS CariVuUsing DEXIS Platinum digital sensors and DEXIS CariVu.This comprehensive group practice consists of brothers Drs. Lester, Stuart and Joel Appell, and their nephew, Dr. Aaron Appell, and these clinicians discuss the benefits of DEXIS™ digital imaging products for every aspect of this multi-specialty practice.
Applying the DentiMax Dream Sensor in your practice
Applying the DentiMax Dream Sensor in your practiceDentiMax digital sensors are said to represent the latest technology in digital radiography. These sensors reportedly excel in every area, including image quality, patient comfort and hardware/software compatibility.
4 practice-changing technologies
4 practice-changing technologiesTechnology is an interesting thing. Most times we get into it hoping that it will provide an amazing opportunity for us to do some things we haven't done before. Let's take a look that some of the things I've discovered over the years that have truly made a tremendous difference for my practice and myself.
Why every dental practice needs digital radiography

In this short but sweet webinar, Dr. Josh Barkhordar, DDS, takes you through all the benefits of upgrading your practice to digital radiography from better communication, high ROI, patient acceptance and more. Find out why you should make the digital switch. 

COUNTERPOINT: Technology is great, but education remains the most important thing

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The benefits of the DEXIS Platinum Intraoral Digital Imaging System

DPR spoke with Dr. Gregory Zollo and hygienist Caitlin Robinson to discuss what they like best about DEXIS imaging software and sensors.

Dr. John Graeber discusses how CariVu has impacted his dental practice and patients

We recently sat down with New Jersey’s Dr. John Graeber and talked with him about his experience with CariVu from DEXIS. 

How to determine the ROI of dental digital radiography equipment
How to determine the ROI of dental digital radiography equipmentWhen it comes to ROI, there are few technology stories more compelling than digital radiography.