The next big thing in dentistry is already here
The next big thing in dentistry is already hereWhat will dentistry look like, and how will it operate, when it is integrated with primary care?
Goby launches dental partnership program
Goby launches dental partnership programGoby is partnering with dentists across the United States to offer à la carte partnership packages.
Why dentists are reluctant to change their minds
Why dentists are reluctant to change their mindsIgnoring facts and evidence could negatively impact your dental practice.
The top 10 lab articles of 2015Dental Lab Products counts down its top 10 articles of 2015, as determined by readers.
Should dentists provide family-planning services?
Should dentists provide family-planning services?With the debate about Planned Parenthood raging, Louisiana attorneys set out to put together a list of health care providers that could provide equivalent family-planning care should Planned Parenthood be defunded. However, the list included some unconventional options – options that left many people skeptical and scratching their heads.
Don't hold it against us - Dentists and the tragedy of Cecil the lionThe story of Cecil the lion broke yesterday. I think the story is tragic on several levels. Let me get this out of the way. I think it's deplorable that someone would want to trophy hunt a lion.