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    [SPONSORED] What you need to know about intraoral scanning

    A more in-depth look at intraoral scanner technologies.

    3M scannerThere are two main scanning technologies utilized in digital scanning systems today: laser scanning and video scanning.

    Though you don’t need to be a Ph.D. in the subject, it is important for oral care professionals to understand the basics behind each technology in order to make the best possible decision on a system for the practice.

    At their core, what are these technologies really doing? They’re capturing the oral anatomy. In order to do that, it is first necessary to apply a pattern to the tooth so the scanner can trace its contours. There are two main ways to apply these patterns:

    • Laser scanning: Pattern comes from a laser beam projected on the tooth surface
    • Video scanning: Pattern is applied with a light coating of scanning spray

    Maybe you’re asking yourself, “What difference does the technology make anyway? Aren’t both still capturing a digital impression?”

    Let’s examine three important ways that a single difference in technology can have in making all the difference with your intraoral scanning experience!

    Click through the slides to learn more about intraoral scanners.



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