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    What dental professionals need to know about the EHR Incentive Payment program

    Our EHR editor sits down to tell you about a very important upcoming deadline

    Electronic Health Records (EHR) have been somewhat of a mystery for the dental industry since the initials were first brought up and the technology was first bantered about. Luckily, our EHR expert is here to not only tell you about the technology, but also an important deadline that is fast approaching.

    I recently sat down with Mike Uretz, EHR editor for Dental Products Report and founder of both DentalSoftwareAdvisor.com and DentalSoftwareCompare.com. During our interview, Uretz discussed three very important points.

    1. Dental practices and groups that don’t even know that this is the last year to register and attest for the program that gives them $63,750 per dentist.

    2. Althought many dentists consciously choose to assign their funds back to their group or practice, dentists sometimes aren't even aware (and didn't approve) that their previous employers were using their names and provider IDs to assign payment of the dentist's rightful incentive money back to the practice. This is unethical, but apparently not illegal as Uretz explains in the video.

    3. Dentists who don’t realize that whether they received Year 1 money for themselves OR their practice obtained the Year 1 money for the practice (without the dentist’s knowledge), the dentist still has ability to obtain an extra $42,500 in his or her pocket.

    “I’ve had some providers willing to assign their funds back to their group or practice and some providers asking for help jumping through all the federal and state hoops to obtain the funds themselves,” Uretz said. “Whichever way you decide to go, it’s important, as a provider, to be educated on the rules and regulations of this often confusing federal payment program.”

    Click below to watch my interview with Uretz and learn more…

    Kevin Henry
    Kevin Henry is the group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media and has more than 15 years of experience in the dental ...


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