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    Weekly Dental Infographic: What to Do When You Lose a Tooth

    Tooth loss more common than most people think - this week's dental infographic explores the reasons it happens and what implant dentistry can do once it does.

    You know implant dentistry is currently at the forefront of your profession.  You know it's groundbreaking. You know it’s safe.  But do your patients? 

    Properly outlining what goes into implant treatment can be difficult, especially when it comes to communicating the many advancements and options involved. 

    This week’s dental infographic by Ollie and Darsh covers the various reasons why patients lose teeth, and what implant dentistry can do for them once they do.  At the very least, it can serve as a conversation starter and guide to further educate them on what goes into implant dentistry.  Click on the version below to make it larger:

    What to do when you lose a tooth dental infographic

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