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    Using Simplifeye to streamline workflows

    How one practice changed its communication system and increased productivity.


    One of the biggest surprises for Dr. Ashley was that the learning curve was short. “I wasn’t expecting it to be so easy. I thought there would be a significant learning curve. It wasn’t bad at all. They came in and showed us how to use it, and the girls caught on very quickly,” Dr. Ashley says.

    Valadez agrees, saying the team jumped in immediately. “It was simple to use but difficult for everyone to get adjusted. Some still wanted to call her, but I would ask them if they paged her. They hadn’t, so they would run back and page her using the system. It took a couple of weeks to get used to it because it was new,” explains Valadez.

    The practice has been using Simplifeye for a year, and already the team finds it indispensable. Dr. Ashley can’t imagine running the practice without it—and the thought of not having it is unimaginable. “I like it that much, and we use it that much,” she says.

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    Without Simplifeye, Dr. Ashley predicted they would see fewer patients, communicate poorly and produce less revenue. With Simplifeye and Dentrix, they streamline the workflow to accommodate their growth. Moreover, she no longer feels uninformed when she enters the exam room. She taps on the watch, and all the patient information is right there.

    “Before I felt like I was flying by the seat of my pants. We do have morning huddles, but you can’t remember everything. So, pulling it up on my watch is amazing,” Dr. Ashley says.

    Dr. Ashley says patients feel like they are getting personalized service, which they are because she feels prepared for their appointment. She sometimes shows patients what information about them is available on the watch. “They are impressed that it’s all on my watch. It shows that we are a modern practice using modern technology.”

    “Being an office manager, I feel it made our flow a lot better and more efficient than before. I don’t have people running down the halls trying to track down the doctor,” Valadez says.

    Dr. Ashley feels valued by the individualized and immediate support she receives when troubleshooting or updating the system. “They know your name, your account. You talk to the same person every time. It’s not like you are shuffled to 10 people.”

    Simplifeye’s dedication to improving and adding system features is another aspect Dr. Ashley appreciates. They also own the quality control, so should a problem occur with equipment, Simplifeye switches it out—no questions asked.

    “The customer service is fantastic, and in this day and age, I don’t think there’s a lot of great customer service out there. But they have it,” she says.

    Valadez appreciates how the practice runs on schedule now and has decreased wait times for the patients. Patients have noticed the difference, too. “When we first started using it, patients said they felt special because the doctor was using technology. They saw that she had invested in her practice,” she says.

    Dr. Ashley says few things have changed how she practices dentistry, but Simplifeye is one of them. It has reduced stress, streamlined the patient workflow, and improved efficiency and productivity. For those who are reluctant to adopt new technology, she advises them to be open to it. She recommends embracing the system and learning to use it correctly because teams will love it and wonder how they ever got along without it. “It doesn’t matter if you are straight out of school or in your 70s, it’s an easy thing to do and incorporate into your practice. And it’s better for your patients.”


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