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    Using Simplifeye to streamline workflows

    How one practice changed its communication system and increased productivity.

    Before Simplifeye, Dr. Anna Ashley, DDS, PA and her office manager Patricia Valadez had a communication system for the team that worked well—until it didn’t. After Simplifeye, the team had a system that communicated well and worked for the team.

    With two full-time hygienists, two full-time assistants and only one doctor, Dr. Ashley was in high demand. The team used a paper card system, color-coded in neon colors for each team member, which they held up in the hallway outside the room where Dr. Ashley was working. The card indicated where the doctor was needed next for a patient.

    “If it was urgent, then they would have to hold up a card that said, ‘Room 1, ASAP.’ We lived off of cards when I was working,” she says.

    At first, their low-tech system was helpful, but as the practice grew, it became impractical. The team began to fall behind schedule on a regular basis. Furthermore, it was inefficient. The team felt the need to wait outside the room or Dr. Ashley’s office to ensure the doctor knew they needed her. Valadez described the scene as a constant flow of team members up and down the hall.

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    “If Dr. Ashley was in the middle of something, I would have an assistant or hygienist standing in the hall with the card and shaking it. There are times when the doctor is in the middle of a procedure, and she cannot get up. When someone is there hovering, and you are in the middle of something, it’s more frustrating,” Valadez explains.

    “When I was in my office they would come stand and hover in my office or knock on the door,” Dr. Ashley says. “If I was on a phone call, it was intrusive and difficult.”

    It was also affecting the practice. Dr. Ashley and Valadez knew it was time to get a new system. “We have been in practice for 18 years. We needed a change. The cards weren’t working, and it was a source of contention among the staff,” Dr. Ashley says.

    Dr. Ashley met the Simplifeye team at the Texas Dental Association Meeting. Instinctively, she was drawn to how Simplifeye used consumer technology like Apple Watches and iPhones to improve how the team communicated. She also liked the integration they had with Dentrix, her practice management system, so she decided to “give it a shot.”

    Valadez liked how her front office staff members could manage the workflow from their computer.  

    “For us in the front, it keeps us from having to go to the back to let the team know their patient is here. We use the dashboard on the computers. We click the team member’s page when the patient is in the waiting room. They have the watches, so it instantly alerts them who is here and what they are having done. It’s useful in comparison with what we were doing before,” Valadez says.

    Dr. Ashley doesn’t like to be interrupted while working, so she appreciates how the system allows her to complete a task or find a stopping point in a procedure to respond to the team’s needs. “They can page me if I am in a room working or if I am in my office on the phone. That’s been nice because I know I can find a stopping point,” she says.

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