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    Top 50 products of 2017: Part 2

    The editors of DPR pick the products that moved the needle this year.

    Every year, the dental industry is presented with a slew of products that make promises to revolutionize and transform the way dentistry is practiced. Some of the claims end up being a bit of a stretch — perhaps a product is good or an iterative update to a useful product, but it might not be something that makes people wonder, “Why didn’t I think of that?”

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    And then, on the other hand, there are a class of products that stand apart. The ones that truly do shape and transform the dental industry in such ways that bottom lines are improved, that jobs are made more efficient and, of course, that patients are better cared for. Those are the type of products we’ve picked for our top 50 editor’s choice products of 2017. These products blew us away throughout the year, and we’re proud to bring you this roundup of the solutions pushing dentistry forward.

    Click through the slides to check out more of this year's top products.



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