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    The top 30 pet peeves you told us about your coworkers

    From "the tapper" to "the chewer" to bad breath, you told us what annoyed you about your dental practice's coworkers

    You are with your co-workers more hours than the people you “hopefully” like … your family that is (go ahead … define family anyway you think fit). It’s true … but the problem is you have to be “nicer” to these folks because your livelihood is tied to having a “good working environment.” But, hey, we’re among friends here, right? Let’s just be honest and air out the dirty laundry.

    What drives you CRAZY about your co-workers? Here are 30 things you told us in a recent survey, along with some of my own thoughts mixed in.

    1. Fake/two-faced people (watch them … they will stab you in the back whenever they get a chance)

    2. People who interrupt you (because what they have to say is just so much more important than what you have to say)

    3. Gum chewers (love that sound of gum popping)

    4. Habitually late employees (not much of a work ethic)

    5. Ones who don’t take responsibility for any of their mistakes (even worse is when they blame it on others)

    6. Smokers and tuna salad fans (everyone loves bad breath)

    7. Messy colleagues (who can’t find things because they keep everything … and it’s unorganized)

    8. Pet lovers who only talk about their pets (go to Facebook people! There is a whole world for you there)

    9. Self absorbed co-workers (I can’t imagine this ever happens at your practice, right?)

    10. Drama queens who go on and on and on (they probably don’t even know that they do this)

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    11. Colleagues who constantly borrow money for lunch (I’m a person, not a bank)

    12. Social climbers (those who will throw you under the bus to get ahead of you)

    13. Ones who want you to sponsor them for every single charity fundraiser (let your kid sell her own crappy candy bars)

    14. People who yell instead of holding a conversation when there is a problem (this just in, it’s never appropriate to yell in the practice)

    15. Silent ones who don’t say anything verbally, but roll their eyes at you (how rude can you be?)

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    Lisa Newburger, LISW-S
    Lisa Newburger, a master's level social worker supervisor, helps audiences find humor in talking about tough topics. Her "in-your-face" ...


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