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    The top 3 software trends for 2018

    Looking ahead at the trends that will define this year.


    Clinical software and electronic health records

    If you followed my articles, podcasts and blogs over the past few years, you are aware of my strong support of the development of innovative clinical software and electronic health records (EHRs). Some call it the “final frontier,” as we have been waiting for innovations in patient-care-centric clinical software for quite a while and it’s finally happening.


    ComputerSo, why do I think this type of software will be a trend in 2018 and years to come? From a pragmatic, business perspective, as a software vendor, how do you differentiate your product when it comes to scheduling, billing, front-office and back-office functions?

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    That’s very difficult these days as many practice management systems appear to be similar in their functionality, at least from a dental practice or group’s perspective. Where a vendor can separate their software tremendously from their competitors is to develop sophisticated, innovative patient care functionality represented by “next generation” clinical software and EHRs. When I consult with practices, DSOs and groups in evaluating new software, what a vendor has developed in this area is a great differentiator.

    Lessons learned: The medical software industry has evolved toward “next-generation” clinical software and EHRs over the past decade and the dental industry is finally following in its footsteps.

    Mike Uretz
    Mike Uretz is a nationally-recognized Dental software and Electronic Health Records (EHR) expert. Mike has helped hundreds of individual ...


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