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    The top 3 software trends for 2018

    Looking ahead at the trends that will define this year.


    Cloud-based software

    The CloudAs vendors more frequently introduce cloud-based dental software, I get many questions each week about this growing trend in technology. These questions address a variety of topics such as the benefits of cloud-based software, costs compared to client servers, and whether cloud-based technology is a fad or not. I’ve either written or spoken about these questions and others for quite a while. But to truly see where the dental software industry is on this, from their perspective, you only have to look at the investment and resources that more and more vendors are putting into their cloud models. 

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    Popular vendors Curve Dental, Planet DDS, Henry Schein and others continue to innovate in the cloud space. Patterson is getting set to launch its new cloud-based product as we speak. And finally, other vendors who have not as yet converted their systems to true cloud-based models (as it can take some time to do this properly) are at least moving their software to be run at outside data centers, which again shows the growing popularity of software operation and IT moving outside the walls of groups and practices.

    Lessons learned: The medical software industry has evolved toward cloud-based computing over the past decade and the dental industry is finally following in its footsteps.


    Mike Uretz
    Mike Uretz is a nationally-recognized Dental software and Electronic Health Records (EHR) expert. Mike has helped hundreds of individual ...


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