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    Dental Products Report's Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2015



    Lorie Streeter, FAADOM, CTC, CSTC

    When you’re the vice president of the American Association of Dental Office Managers (AADOM) and you own your own marketing company, things can get pretty challenging, and many would find themselves flustered under the weight of responsibilities. But not Lorie Streeter. As the founder and owner of StreeterBuilt Strategic Dental Marketing and VP of AADOM, Streeter takes each project and responsibility in stride and has found success. 

    “The best part of my job is the building process,” Streeter said. “This includes building programs and sponsorships, delivering content or just understanding what I can do within the association I work with to provide resources through our historic sponsor relationships to help elevate and empower our members. My all-time favorite thing is the AADOM annual conference.”

    Streeter has been involved with the dental industry since she was 19 years old. She started as the practice manager in a single-doctor office in Fresno, Calif., and stayed in that type of position for almost 12 years. Then she got involved in the AADOM, where she handles and oversees all the nonmember and sponsor relationships while strategizing with those companies to develop participation and exposure to membership. She also works with the development of the AADOM brand and oversees creation and publication of the association’s digital publication, “The Observer.” Obviously, she wears many hats—but she loves every responsibility she has. 

    “I am not the hammer or the nail. I am truly the person that envisions the house, and I rely on amazing people to take my ideas and turn them into time-tested realities,” she said. “There was a time when I deemed my non-process-oriented personality as a failure, but, as a good friend once shared, you wouldn’t expect a fish to climb a tree.”

    While she loves her job, that is not to say there aren’t challenges, especially for an individual who has such a variety of responsibilities. Like many professional women, Streeter strives every day to keep her life in balance. She may be a successful and well-educated professional, but she is also a wife, mother and friend. Being a driven individual helps, however; she knows what’s important to her and makes sure to devote her time to those things. One of those things is continuous education, as Streeter is an avid learner.

    “I didn’t go to college in the traditional way, and I have been so lucky to have had some unbelievable mentors throughout my career,” she noted. “To this day, I am still learning from everyone I meet. Everyone has something to teach us.”

    Streeter advises other professional women to be true to themselves and what they want. To her, it’s important that she never doubt her instincts but instead she wants to hone those instincts and go with her gut. She also strives to love herself and remember that mistakes only reflect that you’ve tried.

    “Too many times we have judgment on our successes and failures,” she said. “Most challenges are not epic disasters. They are opportunities to adjust and rethink. Some of my best ideas have come from accidents.”



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