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Download your free e-book here! Learn four ways a mobile X-ray system can improve X-rays for patients and the practice.

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DrQuickLook SD Plus™ easy to use, handheld, portable, all-in-one multi-function Intraoral Camera. Works out of box with simple touch screen. Extraoral Camera on back of the unit. Uses standard reusable SD memory card. Draw on screen. Instantly review saved images. Import images from the SD Card using any computer or practice management system. Use the SD Card to print. Optional Patient Education package. 30-Day Risk-Free Trial.More

eCEMENT is a resin cementation system designed to strengthen and simplify the placement of lithium disilicate restorations.

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Protemp™ Plus Temporization Material offers six natural-looking shades and a smooth,glossy surface right from the beginning.Click to get maximum results with minimal effort.

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3M ESPE Imprint 4 Preliminary VPS Preliminary Impression Material is available in cartridge and Penta delivery, providing even more flexibility to quickly create precise provisionals. It stands to take the place of alginates for a convenient and time-saving alternative.

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Dentrix provides software solutions for both sides of your practice: the business and clinical. Our productivity tools solve real business problems so you can run a more profitable practice.

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The industry’s most intuitive practice management software is now even more user-friendly – Patterson Dental announces Eaglesoft 17. New features include Eaglesoft News Feed, Patterson Auto Update, CareCredit and integrated Clinician Lite for Eaglesoft Clinician users.

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The top 10 most-read dental articles of 2013

Here’s a breakdown of the 10 articles you loved most in 2013. Re-read your favorites and be sure to check out any you may have missed.
Dental Products Report
Wed, 2013-12-11 15:27

Here’s a breakdown of the 10 articles you loved most in 2013. Re-read your favorites and be sure to check out any you may have missed.

How did we decide? These 10 articles generated the most views over the last year. To make sure you never miss a great piece, subscribe to the DPR eNewsletter.

10. Have you ever been afraid of a patient?

Most of the patients who walk through your practice door each day are friendly, well-mannered people who respect your practice and what you do. They may not listen to every home care suggestion or accept every treatment plan, but they’re willing to work with you and want to improve their oral health.

But there are other patients who are on edge. Maybe they are stressed, having trouble making ends meet at home, or simply in pain. Whatever the issue, they could snap at any moment and cause a scene in your practice—maybe even scare your team and your other patients.

by Renee Knight, Managing Editor

Have you ever been afraid of a dental patient?

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