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    The top 10 Dentrix features you probably aren't using

    These great features can make your life a lot easier, but many dental practices aren't taking advantage of them.


    Payment agreements

    I wrote an article called “Get it out of your head and into the computer” back in April 2014. The theme of the article was speaking to office managers who store all their verbal payment agreements in their head. What I am seeing is this is still happening, but I am also seeing new doctors purchasing practices with a significant amount of the accounts receivable over 90 days past due or new office managers taking over a practice where there has been no management of the accounts receivable. Using the Payment Agreement feature in Dentrix will not only help you get organized with patients who are making payments, but also allow the entire team to see on the ledger what the arrangement is with the account.

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    Tracking gratuities and referrals

    Do you know where your new patients are coming from? Are they hearing about you from friends, Google Search or the ValPak flyer that cost you $15,000 to send out? Your marketing dollars depend on where patients are being referred from, so you should know where to continue spending money and where to stop. When a patient refers a new patient, do you give him or her a thank-you gift? Would you like to track if you gave the referral source a Starbucks or Home Depot gift card last time or be able to track a referral source’s gratuity history? Tracking referrals and gratuities in Dentrix is super easy and gives the doctor a lot of good information about where to spend marketing dollars … but I find most offices never use this useful tool.

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    Sending to the Dentrix Document Center

    This will save your team a ton of time in unnecessary scanning, wasted paper and hard drive storage space. When you scan a document into the Document Center, it takes many more steps and the file size of a scanned document is about 100 times larger (just a guess) than that of a file sent electronically through the Dentrix Document Center printer driver. Anything you want to print can be virtually printed to the Document Center for file storage. This is such an amazing yet underused feature.


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    Dayna Johnson
    Dayna Johnson has helped dental offices from around the country easily transition down the path to paperless using her years of ...


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