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    Solve my problem: Access patient records quickly and securely

    How Practice Mobilizer can be used to screen patients’ emergency calls and prescribe appropriately.

    The problem: Needing to access patient information outside of the office

    Dentists often receive emergency calls from patients after hours or on the weekends, but without going into the office or accessing a practice management system remotely, it can be difficult to screen calls and prescribe appropriately.

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    Practice MobilizerThe solution: Practice Mobilizer

    • A new feature is said to allow dentists to access patient records quickly and securely no matter where they’re located.
    • When an emergency call comes in, this app allows clinicians to easily ascertain that the caller is indeed a patient.
    • Dentists can send procedure videos, messages and pictures using Sikka Software’s secure messenger.
    • The software is designed to allow clinicians to see precisely if and when patients will arrive, allowing them to adapt and adjust their schedules with real-time arrival updates.
    • Dentists can compare fees with similar practices in their zip code with free and premium fee optimization and survey schedules.
    • Compatible with the Apple Health App


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