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    Simplifeye helps dentists stay up-to-the-minute with their practices

    Watch our exclusive interview with CEO Ryan Hungate as he talks about about the company and its product.

    As technology continues to advance, more and more tools are being introduced that make our lives easier both personally and professionally.

    A new product that is being showcased at the American Dental Association annual session in Washington, D.C., is being advertised to help make the dental practice more productive and efficient.

    Simplifeye is a product that works with an Apple watch and can help the dentist stay up-to-the-minute with what is going on inside the practice. Rather than having to flip through charts or guess which patient is in each operatory and which exam room is up next, Simplifeye brings everything to the wrist without having to look at the schedule, including patient history and any medical alerts for that patient.

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    During the recent American Association of Dental Office Managers meeting in Nashville, I learned about the product and saw it first-hand. Impressed by the technology and the applications it could have for the dental practice, I recently sat down with Simplifeye’s Ryan Hungate to talk about the company and its product.

    Hungate is no stranger to dentistry or technology as the orthodontist was also pivotal to Apple’s retail design strategy as he details in the video interview you can watch by clicking below:

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