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    Preventing infection with sterilizers

    A roundup of some of the latest sterilizer options on the market.


    Tuttnauer Autoclave

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    EZ11Plus & EZ9Plus Autoclave

    Tuttnauer’s focus on sterilization and infection control reportedly enables them to offer products to help practitioners meet today’s challenging workloads and regulatory requirements. The EZPlus is available in two sizes: an 11” chamber and 19.8” deep, with five extra-large trays for pouches and packs; and a 9” chamber and 19.8” deep, with three extra-large trays for pouches and packs. The EZPlus is designed to meet the most current sterilization standards ANSI/AAMI ST55 and a newly designed EZGlide door, a bright EZView multi-color display for easy reading and real time cycle Information, and EZFill front or top water filling options. The closed-door HEPA filtered air-drying system is designed to maintain sterility and ensure efficient drying of packs and pouches, and the EZPlus features four FDA cleared sterilization programs. 

    Tuttnauer USA

    888-624-5836  |  [email protected], tuttnauerusa.com


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