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    Preventing infection with sterilizers

    A roundup of some of the latest sterilizer options on the market.

    One of the key components of any dental practice is an infection control plan. If you’re not sure your environment, your instruments and your employees (and yourself!) are providing clean and sterile services for your patients, you’re leaving yourself open to harming anyone who sits in your chair, and to the accompanying liability. It’s extremely important for every dentist to make sure his or her practice and staff are prepared and equipped to work within a robust infection control plan.

    A photo of a sterilizerAn important component to any infection control efforts should be a sterilizer for dental tools and instruments. Whether it’s called an autoclave or a sterilizer, it’s vital for any practice to make sure everything going into patients’ mouths is germ-free and completely sterile. Assistants, hygienists and clinicians all need to be sure the tools they’re using in the operatory will never make anyone sick.

    Resource center: Everything you need to know about infection control

    With that in mind, we’re proud to bring you this roundup of some of the leading dental sterilizers out there. This snapshot of the sterilizer marketplace is intended to help you keep patients safe, and we’re sure you’ll be able to find an option that’s a perfect fit for your practice. You’ll find information about each option, as well as contact information that you can use to find out more about each solution listed.

    Whether you’re a dentist, hygienist, assistant or something in-between, we hope this brief look at these important options will help you with your infection control plan, and will go toward keeping all patients and staff safe!

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