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    The power of a handpiece

    Taking a look at some of the most powerful and efficient dental handpieces in the market.


    Maxima ELITE Series

    Henry Schein MaximaThe Maxima ELITE Series is said to offer powerful, quiet and high-performance high-speed handpieces that incorporate all the features you would expect in an elite handpiece. Both standard and mini head models have 4-port cooling sprays and operate at under 60 dB while providing 23 W and 19 W of cutting power, respectively, because of the patented power boost system that is incorporated into the handpiece and turbine design. In addition, the Maxima ELITE’s ActiveStop technology puts the breaks on turbines to reduce the suckback effect associated with stop time, which pulls airborne droplets and particles into the head and bearings. All of these features, plus a new ceramic bearing technology that resists the rigors of autoclaving, are incorporated into an all stainless-steel body and forged stainless-steel head that are titanium coated to increase durability and control while resisting corrosion. Maxima ELITE handpieces come with a 2-year warranty.

    Henry Schein
    800-DSCHEIN  |  henryschein.com

    Prometheus™ Couplers

    Johnson-Promident PrometheusPatented Prometheus™ Couplers are a line of quick disconnect couplers with self-contained LED fiber optics that fit all your favorite fiber optic handpiece brands. The couplers are engineered to create bright white LED light with no additional power source or fiber optic system needed. They use patented air drive technology to energize the LED. Simply connect the Prometheus Coupler to your favorite fiber optic KaVo, StarDental, NSK Dental or Midwest handpiece for bright fiber optics instantly. Connect to any dental tubing and the Prometheus Coupler will provide brilliant light to your preferred fiber optic handpiece. The Prometheus Couplers also reportedly have complete compatibility with other manufacturers’ couplers.   

    845-589-0210  |  johnsonpromident.com


    Kristen Mott
    Kristen Mott is the associate editor for Dental Products Report and Digital Esthetics.


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