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    Patterson Dental's CEREC technology can streamline orthodontic treatment

    CEREC Omnicam and CEREC Ortho Software 1.1 can now help streamline orthodontic treatment.

    As an orthodontic professional, you understand that you are uniquely able to positively impact the lives of your patients. A person’s smile is the first thing others notice, and you help create smiles your patients can be confident in showing, all while promoting good long-term oral health.

    Your patients look to you for treatment options that are convenient, fast and effective, so having the latest technology available not only streamlines experiences in your practice, it also gives the customer the high level of care they expect from modern dentistry and orthodontics. Now, through the power of CEREC Omnicam and CEREC Ortho Software 1.1, you can introduce more streamlined processes into your practice, and give patients a better overall experience.

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    Digital models

    With CEREC Ortho Software, two-phase silicone impressions are a thing of the past. With the CEREC Omnicam, you can use CEREC Ortho software to quickly and easily create digital impressions of the entire jaw. These 3D digital models can be stored in the software, meaning you don’t have to keep bulky models for every patient onsite. Instead, you can choose when to print just-in-time 3D models or simply refer back to your digital models at any time.

    Intuitive scanning process

    Your time is valuable, so CEREC Ortho was designed to be as intuitive as possible. The CEREC Ortho program guides you through the entire scanning process, providing you with acoustic signals, images and brief explanations to assist you with the camera work. Because it is so easy to use, this process could easily be delegated to other members of your team, freeing you to do more of what you love – diagnosing and treating patients.

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    Any orthodontic procedure that can be completed with a conventional impression can be done with CEREC Ortho digital impressions. These files can be directly transferred to ClearCorrect or Align Technology for the production of clear aligners. CEREC Ortho has an exclusive integration with Dolphin Imaging software, which allows CEREC Omnicam scans to be stored directly in Dolphin 3D for archival, diagnostic and patient education purposes. The result of CEREC Ortho integration is a seamless digital process for your orthodontic office


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