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    Patient Perspective: The multi-layered comfort of 3D technology

    A patient’s take on the Gendex GXDP-700™.

    Motivated by great word-of-mouth recommendations, Amanda Davis is a new patient at Complete Smiles Dentistry, under the care of Dr. Bryan Couch. The high-tech nature of the practice was not what first drew her in, but it definitely caught and kept her attention as she prepared to have dental implants placed.

    The dentist’s set-up

    The GXDP-700 hasn’t been in Dr. Couch’s office that long—just a few months—but it is that new product zeal that first made an impression on Amanda.

    “The assistant I was working with went into some amount of detail about the technology and the scan; she was very forthcoming,” Amanda shared. “I would say the enthusiasm of the people in the office over this technology made me more enthusiastic. How they represent it is important. When presented in that way, and when I was able to see the view after the fact, it was a very positive thing for me and for the practice.”

    The patient’s perspective

    Amanda had a pan x-ray before, but that level of imaging and the 3D scan was new to her experience as a dental implant candidate.

    “The scan was very comfortable and non-threatening,” she said, “but the real comfort came from having the scan done. I’ve had two [dental implant] failures in this area in the past, so it made me feel good, more confident, that Dr. Couch was taking the necessary steps to see where he would best be able to put the new implants.”

    The word-of-mouth effect

    Amanda was unequivocal in her support of Complete Smiles Dentistry. Now a happy client of Dr. Couch’s practice herself, she indicated that she would go a step further and make sure to mention technology in her recommendation to other would-be patients.