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    How a next-generation practice management system is changing the industry

    Why Dentrix Ascend from Henry Schein One™ is the solution for the future of dentistry.

    Adam McDaniel Loves what he does for a living. As the director of product management for Henry Schein One™, he thinks of himself as a person who solves problems for practices. Dentrix Ascend, the practice management platform for dental offices from Henry Schein One, is an example of a product that does just that.

    “The dentist and the dental team have always had to take multiple solutions and cobble them together to manage a better dental business,” McDaniel says. “With Henry Schein One, we want to create one platform and connect the solutions for the team to use.”

    Dentrix Ascend is designed to be a next-generation practice management system. From the beginning, McDaniel says the team wanted to start from a new place and a new platform to meet the changing needs of the company’s customers, which number in the tens of thousands and span the globe.

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    “If you look at the different generations of people who have lived in this world, they changed and evolved over time with the things that are going on around them. Technology played into that. Today’s technology users are different than they were two decades ago when Dentrix was originally created,” he says.

    Dentrix Ascend has taken all the things Henry Schein has learned over the more than 20 years of practice management systems and built it into a web-based practice management system. “As we build features into Dentrix Ascend, we use the knowledge we have from our history to help us move forward to our future,” McDaniel says.

    McDaniel says that Dentrix Ascend is designed to connect with multiple dental technologies so that users can use best-of-breed solutions in their practice. A fan of tech giants like Google and Apple, he says innovation comes from everywhere. Other companies have what Henry Schein One’s team calls “distinctive competencies,” and the Dentrix Ascend platform seeks to integrate with them all on its future-focused platform.

    Dentrix AscendConnecting multiple practice technologies to the practice management system is part of Henry Schein One’s history. Dentrix, the predecessor to cloud-based Dentrix Ascend, was the first software platform to create an API (application programming interface) that technology vendors could use to integrate with the Dentrix platform, similar to APIs found in other verticals, like the CRM (customer relationship management) product at Salesforce and the technology at Apple. Later this year, Henry Schein One will make a cloud API available to solution vendors with an API account to connect with Dentrix Ascend.

    “Other companies have created and designed great technology. We want to create a platform where those other companies can integrate those technologies into our platform to use for the dental office,” McDaniel says.

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    Dentrix Ascend incorporates clinical tools to improve clinical outcomes for doctors. For instance, the Quick Exam allows dentists to enter a diagnosis and then guides them using a feature called Clinical Decision Support to select a treatment plan appropriate for that diagnosis. Over time, dentists can see the results of their clinical outcomes for their diagnoses and resulting treatment plans, including failures as well as successes. While McDaniel says the feature will change the clinical landscape in a small way, it will help dentists in a big way to hone their treatment recommendations.

    “The dentists set that all up themselves,” McDaniel says of the treatment plans that correspond with the diagnoses. “We aren’t trying to be dentists. We are trying to make it easier for dentists to be consistent and drive toward outcomes they want to see.”

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