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    New products from Empire Dental Solutions reduce outsourcing needs

    Products include chrome cobalt discs and a wintering furnace.

    Empire Dental Solutions has announced that they now offer Soft Chrome Cobalt discs and an Argon sintering furnace manufactured by White Peaks Dental Solutions.

    The Soft Chrome Cobalt discs can be wet or dry-milled on any machine, don't require special burs or strategies, and are intended to decrease the lab's need to outsource non-precious metal restorations.

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    The Soft Chrome Cobalt is engineered for easy milling and finishing of bridges, crowns, bars and glacile restorations. This new product reportedly enables technicians to mill non-precious metal restorations in-house using the current milling system with no software upgrade or special burs needed. The Soft Chrome Cobalt is available in the 98mm with step ring shape in a variety of heights for all open milling systems, including Roland DGA, Wieland, Origin, IMES, Datron and more. 

    The Soft Chrome Cobalt material can be milled using the same burs and strategies used for milling wax and decreases the lab's need to outsource milled units, bridges and bars.

    Once the milled units are milled, they are sintered for up to four-and-a-half hours in an Argon sintering furnace, which is now also offered by Empire Dental Solutions. Many modern furnaces also have the ability to add the Argon-sintering capability to the existing unit. The restorations do not warp or distort during the sintering process, and once the units are sintered they are easy to shine and accept any porcelain system on the market.

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    President and CEO of Empire Dental Solutions, Mark Kovalenko, notes, "I'm very excited about our new Soft Co/Cr material. It allows any dental lab with a milling machine to mill metal just like they mill Zirconia. This is an invaluable asset to today's lab, as it uses the same milling software as Zirconia and eliminates the need to cast, wax, and purchase alloys. This product will revolutionize how the laboratory operates and undoubtedly help the lab increase production and revenue. We're at a very exciting period in CAD/CAM dentistry."

    Contact Empire Dental Solutions for more information: 888-505-9667 or visit EmpireDentalInc.com


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