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    The mental state of today's dentist: Part 1

    Why did you and your colleagues become dentists? What do you like most and least about your career? This exclusive DPR survey hopes to answer these questions and more.

    Let’s face it: Being a dentist isn’t easy.

    You’re not just running a dental practice. You’re running a small business that is also your livelihood. You’re running a small business that requires you to stay up on the latest trends and techniques, hire (and fire) team members who are an extension of you and your business and improve the lives of your patients even if they don’t necessarily want to be in your chair.

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    It’s a tough gig that is demanding and can be draining. You came out of dental school wanting to help people have a better smile and better oral health, yet you battle on a daily basis with holes in your schedule, team members who don’t exactly get along and patients who think you’re way, way too much like Steve Martin in “Little Shop of Horrors.”
    At Dental Products Report, we do everything we can to keep you up to speed on the latest dental products and advancements within the industry. It’s one of the reasons we launched Dental Practice Management as a way to help you maintain your business and keep that bottom line strong and growing. Yes, we have done all of that and will continue doing that in 2016. However, to kick off the New Year, we wanted to do something that didn’t look at how dentists were doing clinically or business-wise, but rather how they were feeling about their chosen career and the daily triumphs and struggles they face.

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    Kevin Henry
    Kevin Henry is the group editorial director for Advanstar Dental Media and has more than 15 years of experience in the dental ...


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