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    Meet the Dental Products Report Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017

    Now in its eighth year of recognizing exceptional women in the dental industry, Dental Products Report is thrilled to introduce the Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017.


    Patricia Delauretis

    Patricia DelauretisCategory: Team member

    Patricia Delauretis grew up with a need to help others with their oral care thanks to being raised in a dental office—her father’s dental office, to be precise. Delauretis’ father owned a dental practice before she was born, and the fascination borne out of being raised by dental professionals has served her well. Today, she is a registered public health dental hygiene practitioner in her father’s general dental office and she is thrilled to have found the place where her family, passion and drive meet.

    “Hearing my dad brag about his daughter and tell others how proud he is of me means the world to me,” she shares. “He’s been the greatest teacher I could have. When my patients tell me that I am just like him in my mannerisms, demeanor and overall care and they are so happy still have a Delauretis care for them, it makes me unbelievably proud. He always put the care and comfort of patients before the business of dentistry, and it is my pleasure to carry that on.”

    Throughout her career, Delauretis has observed a variety of changes within the dental field; from dipping X-ray film to converting to a digital platform, technology has allowed the field of dentistry to cover leaps and bounds in a minute amount of time. 

    “I remember sitting with my mom at the front desk while she penciled in patient appointments in the scheduling book that was as big as me at the time,” she says.

    Practices are adapting and adopting new technologies at record pace both chairside and in the front office and it’s making everyone’s experience easier and more pleasant than ever before.

    Delauretis is also excited to see a huge surge in knowledge when it comes to the whole body connection to health because the more she learns, the more she is able to educate her patients and make their lives and health better. In the future, she hopes to see the continual change in the scope of practice of a dental hygienist. 

    “I have hope that more states will join in on allowing unsupervised, direct access care,” she says. “It would allow us to get more involved with the people of our communities and provide care to all. I want to get out there, to those who need the care the most. So many people don’t have the access to care, whether it be lack of transportation or limited financial ability. I simply love helping people, and that motivates me.”

    As for running the family business, she hopes to keep things a little old school. She believes that many practices are losing their best dentists to either retirement or large dental factories, causing people to lose touch with one another. Her hope is to stop the degradation of the relationship that’s forged when working chair side.

    “It’s all about profit anymore and I refuse to let that happen,” Delauretis says. “These aren’t just patients to me. I’ve grown up with most of them, they are more like family and that is how I will treat them. With love, respect, compassion and the utmost care.”



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