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    Meet the Dental Products Report Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017

    Now in its eighth year of recognizing exceptional women in the dental industry, Dental Products Report is thrilled to introduce the Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017.


    Dr. Candice Sullivan

    Category: Dentist


    Dr. Candice Sullivan

    As someone who believes that children are the greatest gift to humankind, Dr. Candice Sullivan found the perfect position to cater to her passion of making a difference in their lives. 

    “They are our present. They are our future. Being able to gain their trust at an early age makes my heart smile,” she says. “It’s not an easy job, but it’s a job of constant gratification. After 19 years of practice, I honestly cherish my job and I love my babies.”

    Dr. Sullivan is glad to have seen a plethora of changes in dentistry when it comes to children’s oral health while she’s been in practice. The biggest of those changes is niche dentistry, where each dentist is able to create his or her own style of practice. As for her own practice, it is a style of boutique dentistry where she can spend real, quality time with each child, first building trust and then working with the parent to soothe any worry her or she may have. While helping the kids is the most gratifying part of her job, helping the parents comes as a close second; when she gets to help both, it’s a good day.

    “Most recently, my proudest accomplishments are helping mothers who are having difficulty nursing their newborns,” she said. “Using a CO2 laser, I am now releasing infants’ frenums to help them breastfeed more successfully. Once the lip and/or tongue is released, the babies can successfully nurse and the mothers can begin to enjoy nursing instead of dreading it. It is so rewarding. It is so self-gratifying. We can truly make a difference in these infants’ lives and I love it.”

    In order to be the best dentist she can be for her patients, Dr. Sullivan is constantly learning and striving to educate and re-educate herself. Attaining more knowledge through continuing education classes is a huge motivator for her. She believes her patients deserve the very best version of her.

    “How should we expect that we learned everything about pediatric dentistry in school? I attended LSU in New Orleans, a highly accredited dental school, but technology and knowledge change, just as people change,” she says. “I am humble enough to admit I don’t know everything. I am a forever student and always will be. Regardless of the time and money exhausted, once again, my patients are worth it and deserve it.”

    When it comes to the future of pediatric dentistry, Dr. Sullivan would like to see oral health become a bigger priority to insurance companies. To her, it’s difficult to see parents struggle to get a child the care he or she needs based on what their insurance will or will not cover. She hopes that dentistry and dental insurance will make a turn back toward allowing dentistry to make those decisions instead of the insurance companies. As for herself, she will keep moving and learning and growing her practice while building lasting relationships with her patients and their families.

    “Hanging out with those precious children put a smile on my face that has lasted 19 years,” she says. “The innocence in a child’s eyes is something that speaks to your soul in a way nothing else can.”



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