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    Meet the Dental Products Report Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017

    Now in its eighth year of recognizing exceptional women in the dental industry, Dental Products Report is thrilled to introduce the Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017.


    Kamilla Siekierski

    SiekierskiCategory: Lab technician

    Earning the respect of your peers in a male-dominated industry is hard enough for a woman, but add to it living as an immigrant with no ability to speak English and you’ll start to understand the hurdles Kamilla Siekierski overcame. When she moved to the United States, it was just herself and her young daughter. While Siekierski had a good education in dentistry from her home country, the language barrier and the fact that she was a woman offered challenges, but her hard work and perseverance over the years resulted in success for herself and her family.

    “I worked a minimum wage job for the first three years while living with my small daughter, but we managed live decently and we were never a burden to anybody or society,” she says. “I made it my goal to earn the respect of dentists, but not demand it, and throughout my career I have worked to educate both dentists and technicians on what they need to do and how to do it in hopes of satisfying their mutual patients.”

    Since the days of her humble beginnings, she has observed many monumental changes within the dental industry, especially pertaining to women. She’s thrilled to see women working as professionals and being respected for what they do by doctors and their clients. She is also happy to have had the ability to see the industry revolutionized by digital dentistry, basically eradicating the imperfections that naturally occur from hand working.

    In 1963, one week after arriving in the United States, Siekierski started working for a dental lab as a professional dental technician in Connecticut. According to Siekierski, back then there were no women in that capacity either at the bench or at dental shows, but she knew it was the position that fit her best and allowed her the life she dreamed of. 

    “My contribution is giving training and jobs to men and women in the dental technology field, which has always been male-dominated. What I learn, I teach others,” she says. 

    Siekierski is proud to have been the first female to serve in leadership roles within many aspects of the dental industry. Whether it was on the job or within local organizations, her goal was to leave her unique mark and help others. After six years in the U.S., she became a dental lab owner herself, where she worked until recently, when she sold her lab and retired.

    “Now I enjoy life every day doing what I want, when I want and where I want, however much I want,” she says of retirement. “That translates to lectures and consulting for doctors and laboratories worldwide. I’m giving back in concentrated form what life gave me in education and experience. When you think big, you become big, too.”

    Today, Siekierski has concentrated her efforts on helping those less fortunate in Afghanistan build labs and dental clinics by advocating within the dental community. To her, giving is the biggest pleasure and she hopes to continue to make a difference in the lives of those in need.



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