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    Meet the Dental Products Report Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017

    Now in its eighth year of recognizing exceptional women in the dental industry, Dental Products Report is thrilled to introduce the Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017.


    Julia Yelevich

    Julia Yelevich

    Category: Industry leader

    Julia Yelevich is hailed as one of the most effective and convincing individuals in the business of growing dental practices and bringing them into the 21st century. Her main goal is to truly transform the practices she assists and to train them and inspire them to learn. 

    “So many dental practice management gurus or business-savvy dentists crowd the marketplace, yet few, if any, have a true understanding of what true inspiration, aspiration, value proposition and value delivery really is,” she says. “They all know formulas about how much production should come from hygiene per day, but those are just boxes: defined, old, proven formulas that work for average practices who just want to have a ‘good business.’”

    When she started her business, the Natural Dentistry Center, she was inspired by the monumental need she interpreted within the dental industry. She saw dentists, young and old, struggling to run their businesses and she decided to put her expertise in business and finance to the best use. In Yelevich’s eyes, dentists, just like physicians, are trained to heal, cure and optimize health and not to run profitability sprints or cost effectiveness campaigns or six-sigma operational workflow. That is where she found her niche.

    “A real, thriving, growing and effective practice that isn’t just covering overhead but delivering on its mission, vision, value and driving extraordinary patient experiences,” she says. “If you don’t think big, you’ll stay mediocre, maybe even mildly successful, but I am not one to settle for just another dental practice.” 

    However, she believes that practices rarely look for substantial change or the real transformation that her services bring. She’s observed many dentists and practice managers who ask for her help but are afraid to learn new ways to talk to patients or to try new methods in business.

    “I push boundaries and achieve results,” she says. “While these seem like ethereal concepts in an industry of crowns and gingival grafts, bonding resins and diagnostic scans, I believe in letting the value creation process focus on customer enrichment and brand experience guide the profits.”

    As a young and fiercely determined woman dealing with predominantly baby-boomer aged male dentists, Yelevich knows that her every move and decision is scrutinized and judged. She embraces the opportunity to showcase her expertise and ability to help make these businesses better in both earnings and service to their patients. Her hope is to leave a lasting impression on the businesses she works with and their staff.

    “I want to set precedent for other powerful, confident and intelligent women in the dental industry. We can own and grow companies, we can invest and we can be successful,” she says. “Women often don’t expect to be heard, so they either speak louder or not at all. I teach women to change the conversation if they aren’t being heard. Information is the most valuable resource.”



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