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    Meet the Dental Products Report Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017

    Now in its eighth year of recognizing exceptional women in the dental industry, Dental Products Report is thrilled to introduce the Top 25 Women in Dentistry for 2017.


    Hollie Bryant

    Hollie Bryant

    Category: Industry leader

    When a dental owner is looking to increase progress and prosperity within their practice, they look to Hollie Bryant for help, guidance and support. As a practice consultant, Bryant’s main focus is growing practices, whether they need strategy coaching, team training or they are ready to add a doctor, add another practice, or even create a transition plan for retirement. 

    “I pride myself in my business creativity and the ability to dream with my clients and even for my clients sometimes,” she says. “I am very invested in what I do and the teams I work with. I want them to love what they do and go as far as they want to go in their career.”

    When she started Bryant Consultants seven years ago, she knew she would be starting from scratch with no clients and no independent experience. However, she also knew she had had a group of fantastic mentors throughout her career and a strong sense of faith in her abilities and determination. Once the business started to pick up, it grew into something more than just herself; it became a marketing and business consulting firm with the help of her husband, brother and sister. Bryant Consultants went from a one-woman song and dance to a successful family production, and she is so proud of the work her team has been able to do since the company’s inception.

    “This is a true rags-to-riches-type accomplishment,” Bryant shares,“considering I started with no experience and no money and now I have my own consulting and marking business that is thriving. It gives me daily satisfaction when I get a text or email from a team member who has finally realized the potential I said they had, they have finally realized it their self.”

    Bryant believes that innovation is the key to keeping businesses moving forward as well as the best way to keep your own business growing. It takes constant advancement and modernization to create the best possible outcome for practice owners.

    “Innovation keeps us striving for better ways to do procedures, serve our customers, engage new customers and be profitable at the same time,” she says. “I do not have a stamped-out process that I fit all my practices in. I have some systems that I whole-heartedly believe in and we adapt them to the demographic, the practice and to the team.”

    Looking back, Bryant is well aware of how far she’s come and the hurdles she’s had to overcome, but the work was well worth it considering where she is today. Starting from nothing and building her own independent reputation and network took some vigorous legwork, but through it all her family and peers made the hard times worth the effort.

    “Being a business owner and practice coach has been the best thing I have ever done, but the hardest one too,” Bryant shares. “The relationships that I have built and invested in have sustained me through the difficult disappointments and supported me through the highs of my career so far. Never forget to thank everyone that got you where you are because you didn’t do it on your own.”



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