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    Komet USA debuts DISCtance IPR System

    The system is designed to help dentists more efficiently and accurately perform interproximal enamel reduction on adult patients.

    Komet USA unveiled an advanced stripping system to help dentists more easily, efficiently and accurately perform interproximal enamel reduction on adult patients being prepared to receive braces fixed at the buccal or lingual side of the tooth, or prior to treatment with dental aligners.

    The DISCtanceTM IPR system (Kit 4671) is designed to simplify and speed up the task of stripping when indicated for correcting lower jaw tooth sizes that are disproportionate to those of the upper jaw, for eliminating crowding, and for creating full-surface contact (especially in the lower anteriors) in order to improve results stability following the end of orthodontic treatment, Komet USA says.

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    A benefit of using the DISCtanceTM IPR system is reportedly the greater degree of precision possible in the course of reducing interproximal enamel, the company says. The greater accuracy potential is attributable in part to the unique diamond coating on each of the kit’s included stripping discs, the company adds.

    The discs come in a versatile assortment of sizes: 0.15 mm, 0.20 mm and 0.30 mm. Using progressively thicker discs on a patient is said to make it far easier to remove the precise amount of enamel, the company explains.

    The 0.15 mm discs feature three different coating configurations. Komet USA says its Model RS15FV.HP.200 is coated on its upper side, while RS15FH.HP.200 is coated on its underside; RS15F.HP.200 is coated on both sides.

    Komet USA indicates that its 0.20 mm RS20M.HP.200 and 0.30 mm RS30M.HP.200 discs are likewise coated on both sides. 


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