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    Is it time to switch software vendors?

    Taking the time to explore your software options could mean big benefits for your group or practice.

    We are in the midst of a revolution in the dental software industry that is dictating the way groups and practices run their operations and do business. Some of these changes include software certification testing, advanced clinical and EHR features, cloud technology, better imaging integration, improved cash flow and risk reduction, higher levels of security and more advanced technology platforms.

    Some dental vendors are embracing these changes and continuing to innovate in order to provide their customers with the most up-to-date solutions. However, some vendors are choosing not to spend the time, resources or investment it takes to keep up with technology innovation because they are comfortable with things the way they are. In addition to not offering updated technology, many groups and practices have complained about continualpoor customer support and service from their present vendosr. And quite frankly, they feel stuck.

    The question is, which category does your present software vendor fall into ... those vendors that embarace change, or those that resist it? Because of this software revolution, informed groups and practices are reevaluating their present software solutions and comparing to see if there are better alternatives on the market. In fact, you are doing yourself a disservice if, with the dramatic changes in dental software, you don’t at least question if you have the best, most flexible solution moving forward and if your vendor is committed to the future.

    This past year, I’ve had more and more groups and practices coming to me looking for help with reevaluating their present software situation. This is not to say that their present vendors and associated dental software systems are not ultimately what would serve them best. But with the amount of innovation in dental software it is definitely worth it to see if you should stick with what you have or if there are greener pastures. There is an old saying "if it ain't broke don't fix it." But I don't believe this applies to technology innovation as time and time again improved and innovative software technology has helped practices and groups improve their operations, patient care and bottom line.

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    Lessons learned

    Having been involved with the medical software industry for a number of years, I can tell you that patterns seem to be emerging in our dental software industry. Years ago in the medical industry a few vendors dominated the market. As groups and practices had increasing needs for better operational efficiency, better cash flow and improved patient care, there was a need for medical software to become more sophisticated and technologically advanced to meet these growing needs. This opened up the door for a new generation of software vendors with better ideas and technologies.

    Some of these newer vendors a few years later have evolved into the most successful companies in the medical software industry. On the other hand, other established vendors that had good market share at the time but refused to innovate aren’t around anymore. There were also cases where older established companies, which did not have timely innovation, found themselves licensing software from some of the newer more advanced technology companies. We could very well see the same trend in our dental software industry.

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    Mike Uretz
    Mike Uretz is a nationally-recognized Dental software and Electronic Health Records (EHR) expert. Mike has helped hundreds of individual ...


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