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    Integrating the EMR Elite module into your practice

    The newest feature for the latest release of CS WinOMS v 9.0 practice management software is designed to create a smoother, faster workflow.

    Carestream Dental introduced the EMR Elite module to streamline the digital workflow of oral and maxillofacial practices. The comprehensive, integrated solution is engineered to allow dentists to easily capture and view patient medical records and treatment plans.

    The EMR Elite module is the newest feature for the latest release of CS WinOMS v 9.0 practice management software.

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    Simple: Within the module, all of the pertinent information is presented in a simple and meaningful way, thus improving the user’s ability to mitigate potential patient complications by providing easy access to medical history, primary surgical history, allergies and medications.

    User-friendly: The redesigned main screen is said to be easily navigable—similar to a web page—reducing the number of clicks needed to access procedure history, patient registration, the encounter slip, prescriptions and other vital features.

    Immediate: EMR Elite reportedly provides instant previews of images, attachments and TruForms, eliminating the need to open another window to view an image. Faster access to critical data like images notes and treatment plans is said to allow for more face time with patients


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