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    An inside look at Viax’s NOVO smile

    CEO Cyrus Tahmasebi, DDS, explains the benefits and functionality of this multipurpose appliance.

    CEO Cyrus Tahmasebi, DDS, explains the benefits and functionality of this multipurpose appliance.

    Every patient wants a beautiful, functional smile, but not every patient can afford the treatment. That’s where NOVO smile comes in. The successor to the famous Snap-On Smile, NOVO smile from Viax Dental Technologies is similar but better, says a New York-based dentist who has worked with both companies.

    “We found that with NOVO, there was a shorter turnaround time and they’re just as good as Snap-On,” says Jessica Barcessat, DMD, who practices in Manhattan. “It’s also more resistant; they offer a two-year warranty, whereas Snap-On does a one-year warranty. I feel like NOVO is a little more lustrous than Snap-On, but overall they look very similar.”

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    Cyrus Tahmasebi, DDS, FIAED, FACD, CEO of Viax Dental Technologies, says that NOVO offers a different library, a wider array of smile designs and more advanced milling equipment to capture better undercuts and other design features.

    What is it?

    “The NOVO smile is a removable appliance that serves four major functions,” Dr. Tahmasebi says. “It can be used as an implant temporary, it can be used to replace missing teeth instead of a removable partial, it can be used as a temporary esthetic solution for patients who cannot afford a more permanent solution, and finally, it can be used to establish a vertical on a patient.”

    It’s kind of like a temporary veneer; a way to hide the kinds of issues that could be treated with invasive restorative dentistry such as chipped, missing, crooked or discolored teeth, making it a great solution for patients who are unable to or would prefer not to undergo an invasive procedure. It’s also worn like Invisalign, except it’s meant to be seen and it doesn’t straighten your teeth.

    To better introduce NOVO smile, Dr. Tahmasebi finds that showing is better than telling. “The best way to describe it is by holding up a traditional partial and saying, ‘This is 14th-century dentistry,’ and then holding up the NOVO smile and saying, ‘This is the future,’” Dr. Tahmasebi says. “This is what you should have in your mouth, not a flipper or a partial.”

    Dr. Tahmasebi says that the NOVO smile is both a long-term and short-term solution. “It can be looked at as a short-term solution for patients who are going through implant placement and therapy, or it can be a long-term solution for patients who cannot afford a more permanent solution.”

    Although the warranty extends for two years, there are patients who have worn their appliance for up to four or five years, Dr. Tahmasebi says.

    Who is it for?

    NOVO smile is an excellent option for patients who are looking for affordability and comfort. Because a lot of people cannot tolerate the metal or flexible parts of traditional dentures or partials, NOVO smile is a more comfortable option.

    “That’s how I market it,” Dr. Barcessat says. “I tell my patients it’s the best partial because it won’t interfere with eating or talking and there are no metal hooks grasping on your gums. It’s just like a permanent retainer on your teeth and keeps your teeth from shifting. I tell my patients that if they don’t like it, they can still wear it as a retainer to keep their teeth from shifting and their gums from receding like they would with dentures and hooks.”

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    It’s also a good option for people who want to try a smile out, Dr. Tahmasebi says. “The esthetic reason why someone would opt for this would be to test drive a smile to see what it looks like, how it feels to have teeth that are whiter, perhaps bigger or different, and evaluate that before they go to a more permanent solution.”

    It’s also a good option for medically compromised patients or those with bone loss. “It’s good for elderly people because there’s no surgery involved,” Dr. Barcessat says. “And it doesn’t put a hook on one tooth. It’ll hold all of the teeth completely, so the teeth will last longer.”

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