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    An inside look at DentiMax software and digital sensors

    How DentiMax’s complete system enables practices to become more efficient and detail-oriented.

    DentiMax and its products were built from the notion that dentists deserved better quality products and higher quality service. DentiMax meets the needs of dentists with its practice management system, open platform digital imaging software and Dream Sensors. Additionally, DentiMax provides integrated benefits, making the clinical and financial areas of your office work better together.

    DentiMax“One of the founders is a programmer and the other was a sales manager and a dental practice manager,” says Alicia Dieujuste, DentiMax’s practice management director. “They saw a need in the market for easy, intuitive, affordable software and dental products to meet the needs of the dental practice. Basically, they saw what others were doing, mainly because of their experience in the dental and medical worlds, and the high cost of running their own dental practices, and thought that they could make their own software not only less expensive but better.”

    Jim Ramey, managing director of DentiMax’s Digital Imaging Division, says that he wanted to fix the problems that he saw in the marketplace.

    “I didn’t like what I saw,” Ramey recalls. “Dentists had a target on their backs and were getting taken advantage of — with everything that they have to buy, but specifically with digital sensors.”

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    In an effort to help practices efficiently manage their patient workflows and day-to-day business operations, DentiMax offers its practice management software fully integrated with its Dream Sensors and digital imaging software.

    “You can get a complete purchase all from one place, with our award-winning Dream Sensors, imaging software and practice management software,” Dieujuste says. “On a tactical level, there’s no other software that has this same ledger detail and financial information that we offer. The main purpose of a software solution is to help you collect your money, and there is no other system that does line item accounting and insurance management like we do. Our scheduler, also, is second to none.”

    The software provides functions such as:

    • Easy transmission of X-rays and other attachments
    • Recording digital signatures
    • Creating clinical notes
    • Quick digital X-ray access

    For Brittney Weinholtz, office manager at Fulmer Dentistry in Kenosha, Wisconsin, the software serves the clinicians’ needs, but also gives her the business detail that she requires.

    “They have thought of every little, tiny detail, as far as what management would be looking for in a software system,” Weinholtz says. “With the clinical aspect of dentistry, they’re not digging deep into the software. They’re mostly scheduling appointments, entering information into the charts. When you’re looking at the management perspective of a dental software company, DentiMax has been great. I love the functions they have. It’s super easy to maneuver through. They have made it very easy to learn very quickly.”

    For the digital imaging component of the software, Weinholtz praises the quality, especially the ability to send images to insurance companies.

    “Jim has done a lot of fine-tuning to the imaging software,” Weinholtz says. “Those X-ray images come out so crisp and so clear. We haven’t had any issues regarding submitting X-rays to insurance. Our X-rays print out very clear. That’s always been a problem. If you don’t get a high-resolution X-ray taken, it’s hard to print them when you’re submitting them to insurance companies.”

    The company’s software offerings are expanding with products allowing for faster, more efficient patient interactions.

    “We recently released DentiMax Kiosk and Online Kiosk,” Dieujuste says. “Those items will help the staff with appointment confirmations, get people back into the office for recalls and do easy patient registration.”

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    For practices that want to embrace a cloud-based solution versus a server-based solution, DentiMax also offers that option.

    “We are happy to announce that we have a true cloud imaging software as well to complement our practice management software,” Dieujuste says. “So, offices can now exist totally on the cloud with us. And with our other new products, offices can be totally and truly paperless.”

    “We have been offering a cloud solution for about four years that is equal to our server product, not a watered-down version,” Dieujuste says.

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