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    Inside 2017’s award-winning technology

    Examining some of the award-winning products that stood out to the Technology Evangelist.

    As many of you know, every February during the Midwinter Meeting in Chicago, a panel of dental technology experts convenes to discuss and vote on what we consider to be the industry’s Best of Class in a host of categories.

    GraphicWe spend the prior couple of days scouring the exhibit floor for anything new and exciting, as well as pooling our collective knowledge and experiences with products over the last year. Late on Friday evening we sit down to discuss what we’ve seen and experienced since the last time we’ve met. This meeting usually doesn’t let out until very late or very early (depending on your own sleep schedule). Let’s just say it’s way past the Technology Evangelist’s bedtime.

    However, every year the meeting is a great time. We really get into the nitty gritty of different products and devices, while sometimes challenging each other on why we believe that one product may be more deserving than another. Because of that, you can be assured that the Cellarant Best of Class awards are definitely awarded to products and devices that we truly feel are the best of the best.

    This month I’d like to give you an insight into some of the products that really revved my engine this year.   

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    Ultradent VALO Platform 

    The VALO curing light family is a five-time winner that has been around for the past several years. The first year on the market, the VALO was a game changer. However, one of the things I love about Ultradent, is that the company never ceases to innovate. Over the time that the VALO family has been on the market, Ultradent has continued to innovate and improve the product. The latest member of the VALO family is the VALO Grand.

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    The VALO Grand (as its name implies) is larger than its older siblings. The size of the curing head is 107mm2, which allows for full coverage of any molar occlusal surface. This eliminates the need for as many curing cycles, which makes treatment quicker and allows the tooth to be exposed to not as much heat.

    All of the VALO lights are made out of rugged aluminum and are built to be durable. If you are in the market for a new curing device, put VALO on your list.

    Bien-Air TORNADO

    I love companies that take existing technologies, especially ones that have existed for a long time, and are bright enough to make significant improvements to the technology. The smart folks at Bien-Air make some incredible products. Their latest is the TORNADO handpiece.

    The TORNADO is an air driven handpiece that shows some amazing improvements over other devices in the category. It can produce 30 watts of sustained power that allows the operator to work smoothly and precisely.

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    As anyone in our proud profession knows, patients absolutely delight in the sound of the dental handpiece. OK, that’s not true, but I wanted to make sure you were still paying attention. Due to the fact that patients really dislike the sound of the high speed, anything we can do to help decrease the noise is always greatly appreciated. The TORNADO has the lowest decibel level (55) of any air driven handpiece on the market, and that helps decrease patient anxiety.

    The device also has an impressive chuck system call the Accu-chuck PreciPlus™. This chuck is remarkably efficient and decreases vibration substantially. This means less vibration is felt by the patient, while also allowing for the operator to have more precision during preparation.


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    Dr. John Flucke
    Dr. John Flucke is in private practice in Lee’s Summit, Mo. He also serves as technology editor for Dental Products Report magazine and ...


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