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    Improving pediatric laser dentistry with Solea

    One pediatric dentist shares her experience with using this all-tissue dental laser.

    Andrea Gamble, DDS, is a pediatric dentist who owns Local Smile Co. in California. She strives to provide high-quality patient care, which is why she invested in the Solea® dental laser from Convergent Dental. Since incorporating the laser into her practice, Dr. Gamble says she’s been able to offer improved patient experiences without using anesthesia.

    Tell me a little about your background.

    I’m a pediatric dentist and private practice owner of Local Smile Co. in Redondo Beach, California. I received my Doctor of Dental Surgery degree from the University of Washington and a pediatric dentistry specialty degree from the University of Southern California and the Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles Advanced Pediatric Dentistry Program. I’m also a board-certified Diplomate of the American Board of Pediatric Dentistry. 

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    What type of dental practice do you own?

    I have a small boutique pediatric dental practice that allows us to provide high-quality oral healthcare personalized for each and every patient. We specialize in happy smiles for infants, children and teens in a relaxing, warm and friendly environment. 

    What’s the philosophy of your practice?

    Andrea GambleDr. Andrea GambleOur practice philosophy is built on pillars that we believe lead to long-term successful oral health outcomes. Our primary goal is focused on preventive dental care to help each child grow a happy and healthy smile. We know how important early dental experiences are and how it sets the foundation for the lifetime of the child’s oral health and wellness. That’s why we incorporated the Solea dental laser into our practice. It goes hand in hand with our philosophy to provide state-of-the-art, minimally invasive dentistry, thus minimizing dental fears for children. The integration of Solea into our practice helps meet our goal of being a dental home, as we are now treating the whole family while giving them the highest level of care with an improved dental experience. 

    Why laser dentistry? What made you decide to explore this technology?

    I purchased my dental practice in September 2016. For the first time, I was able to ask myself what I truly wanted out of a dental practice. My goal is to provide my patients with the best dental experience possible. I researched every aspect of my practice to help meet this goal, including our name, online presence and office esthetics that welcome all. Laser dentistry with Solea meets my goal of delivering the highest quality of care and giving my patients an incredible experience.  

    I feel that laser dentistry is going to be the standard of care, especially for pediatric dentistry. Why give injections to children for simple dental procedures when there’s technology that can avoid it all together? To decrease the need for sedation in young children is especially important. I purchased Solea only nine months after starting my practice and it was the best decision I ever made in my career.

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    What would you say to those dentists reluctant to use laser technology in their practice?

    Just do it! Dentists are reluctant to get laser technology because of learning something new. The scary part is just getting out of our comfort zone. I’ve practiced conventional dentistry for years prior to integrating Solea into our practice. You have to really be ready to accept and integrate advanced technology. Change isn’t easy, but the future is here, and it’s not hard to do with Solea. I tell my colleagues to trust in themselves. Don’t sell yourself short -- anyone can do it! If dentists are reluctant to get laser technology due to the cost, I truly believe that there’s a larger cost to pay by not integrating laser technology into their practice. Today’s laser technology offers an improved, progressive means of delivering superior dental care well beyond the lasers that were on the market five or 10 years ago. If you want the very best for your patients, laser dentistry is the key that unlocks the door to unprecedented success.

    Why did you choose Solea?

    I integrated Solea into my practice to offer an improved patient experience without anesthesia, which is so important for children. I only hoped Solea would make my practice grow and change it for the better.  Never did I imagine it would actually transform my practice. 

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