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    I Use That: Komet USA’s PathGlider™ and F360® NiTi endodontic file system help ensure successful root canals


    Dr. Joseph deGuzman first began using Komet USA’s F360 NiTi endodontic file system about two years ago.

    Back then, he had the opportunity to test the two-file system and give Komet his feedback. He was thrilled with the results, and he has been using the files in his Germantown, Wisc., practice ever since. He also uses Komet’s PathGlider mechanical file.

    Here, Dr. Joseph deGuzman and his office manager, Lisa Piering, outline how the PathGlider and the F360 NiTi endodontic file system make their jobs easier while also benefiting their patients.

    What Dr. deGuzman has to say about the PathGlider and the F360 NiTi endodontic file system:

    The PathGlider provides a very easy way of creating the glide path. Creating the glide path so you can use the other files is one of the most important elements of a successful root canal preparation.

    Technique: How to shape and clean root canals with Komet® endodontic instruments

    There’s no question the PathGlider makes me more efficient. It’s just quicker. It also cuts really well.

    Once you have the glide path, you can easily transition to the F360 files to finish the canal preparation. This system is very efficient. The two-file system allows me to get the adaptable size very quickly, and it’s very easy to use.

    These files probably cut my cleaning and shaping time in half. They cut very well, they still retain the shape of the canal and they transition from file to file very efficiently. You can get to the optimal size you want, which is 35, very quickly and with fewer files than normal.

    You can’t get passive movement of the cleansing solution until you reach 35. It gets you where you really want to be with the size of your apex with very few files quickly and efficiently.

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