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    How to use optimized VPS materials effectively

    No matter how advanced digital dentistry gets, nothing can replace well-utilized optimized VPS materials.

    Today’s dentists are looking for quicker, faster, more convenient and cost-effective ways to do dentistry. Digital dentistry is also beginning to take hold of many practices and impression scanners are one of the most sought-after technologies.

    However, due to costs and the fear of being outdated too fast with upgrading technological advancements, many clinicians still prefer to use traditional techniques. Many dentists are simply more comfortable with traditional Vinyl Polysiloxane impression materials (VPS) combined with a technique that works well for them.

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    Impression with V-Posil Mono Fast and X-Light FastOnce proper preparation design, tissue management and isolation are managed, it simply becomes the choice of material that you are comfortable with to achieve successful results in a timely fashion. Most VPS impression materials can achieve the results we look for in terms of accuracy, but each clinician has his or her own personal biases that determine which product he or she chooses — costs, setting time, color, tear strength, stability and hydrophilicity all play a role.

    Although my practice is primarily based on digital impression scanning, there are times that I like to use a traditional VPS with one of my labs. VOCO has introduced a new generation VPS material that has excellent dimensional stability, tear strength, and optimized working and setting times that suit my everyday needs. V-Posil Mono Fast is the monophase VPS viscosity with optimized timing parameters. It provides up to two minutes of flexible working time as well as a shorter two-minute thermo-activated set time. My lab likes the fact that it offers exceptional tear strength and dimensional stability that provide accurate stone models to fabricate their restorations.

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    Paresh Shah, MS, DMD
    Dr. Paresh Shah maintains a private practice in Winnipeg, Canada, with a focus on implant, cosmetic and interdisciplinary care. He ...


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