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    How to use Opalescence for customized take-home whitening

    An evaluation of Opalescence, a whitening system from Ultradent Products.


    The right solution for different patients

    Ultradent Products has developed a system of at-home whitening treatments, Opalescence PF, that is cost-effective and reduces sensitivity and discomfort. Its unique formula allows for complete customization. With four different carbamide peroxide concentrations, dentists can tailor whitening treatments to an individual’s expectations, extent and type of tooth discoloration, and likelihood of compliance. 

    When determining the treatment plan for at-home whitening, dentists consider concentration, duration, application and desired results based on the patient’s type and extent of tooth discoloration. Opalescence PF is ideal for at-home treatments because of its versatility and customization depending on the patient’s desired results and clinical condition.

    Whitening guideThe whitening guide for the Opalescence whitening systems Available in four carbamide peroxide concentrations (10, 15, 20 and 35 percent), Opalescence PF requires wear times ranging from 30 minutes to overnight. Opalescence PF is effective in removing discolorations due to congenital, systemic, pharmacologic and traumatic factors, as well as those resulting from fluorosis and tetracycline. The lower doses are suitable for patients who want to wear the whitening trays overnight or who demonstrate extra sensitive teeth. Higher concentrations are more appropriate for quicker results and those patients who have less availability to apply the whitening gel and wear the whitening tray. Dental professionals can therefore customize whitening treatments in terms of both concentration and duration to fit a patient’s schedule, lifestyle, and degree of tooth discoloration.

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    In addition to versatility, Opalescence PF provides practical solutions to many of the common complications associated with whitening and at-home treatments. The safe and effective whitening gels include potassium nitrate and fluoride to reduce sensitivity and strengthen enamel. The gel also contains 20 percent water to prevent dehydration. Opalescence PF also contains buffers to maintain a neutral pH, thereby preventing an acidic environment and damage to the tooth structure. 

    Using a customized whitening tray, the Opalescence PF system promotes even application of the whitening gel and continuous contact between the gel and tooth structure throughout treatment. An easy syringe delivery improves the efficiency for loading the tray. The sticky, viscous formula helps keep the gel and tray in place, preventing the solution from migrating during treatment, thereby improving patient comfort, which helps patient compliance. Opalescence PF is also available in three flavors—mint, melon and regular—improving taste and comfort. 

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    With Opalescence PF, dentists can provide their patients with a proven whitening solution for at-home treatment. Effective in treating even the toughest of stains and discolored teeth, patients can complete the whitening treatments safely and efficiently following the dentist prescribed plan at their own convenience. The ideal tool to customize whitening treatments for all types of patients to fit their lifestyle, and with customized tray application and a thick, viscous gel, Opalescence PF is designed to reduce sensitivity, enhance comfort and improve patient compliance. 


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