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    How to use minimal intervention for maximum effectiveness

    By using the Microcopy 1300 FS bur in combination with resin materials, clinicians can provide minimal intervention with maximum effectiveness.


    Microcopy’s 1300 FS bur

    One particular bur that accomplishes this task is the 1300 FS bur by Microcopy. It is a diamond-coated bur with a tapering cutting surface. This shape allows for conservative excavation of a carious lesion at the tip of the bur while creating a funnel effect as caries is removed with deeper bur penetration. 

    The small tip diameter allows for minimal preparations to occur many times without the need for pulpal anesthesia.  In addition, the funneling effect allows proper visualization while creating a path for proper adhesive and flowable resin placement. Flowable composites have improved drastically in the last few years, and many flowable composites now have physical properties that rival traditional hybrid composites just a few years ago.

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    Case study

    In the clinical case depicted, the patient presented with occlusal caries on the lower left second bicuspid. The primary carious lesion was centered in the distal pit with early caries present in the mesial pit (Fig. 1). 

    The decay is removed in both the distal pit and the mesial pit areas with no anesthesia while utilizing a 1300 FS bur. 

    After caries removal and proper isolation (Isolite Systems), the tooth is restored with a highly filled flowable composite (G-aenial Universal Flow, GC America Inc.) (Fig. 2).

    The patient was happy the carious tooth was restored in an efficient manner with zero discomfort and that a vast majority of healthy tooth structure was maintained (Fig. 3). 

    In summary

    The combination of innovations in rotary instrumentation and resin materials allows clinicians to provide minimal intervention with maximum effectiveness.


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