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    How to use CORE-FLO DC LITE for post and core build-ups

    CORE-FLO DC LITE is a flowable dual-cured, fluoride-containing, radiopaque core build-up composite that is delivered with an auto-mix syringe.

    Most dentists are looking for a combination of strength, durability and simplicity when choosing a core build-up material. CORE-FLO™ DC LITE is specifically designed to cement posts and build-up core structure in one easy application. 

    It can also be used as a dentin replacement material. CORE-FLO DC LITE comes in an auto-mix dual-syringe. It is intended to be used with any adhesive that is compatible with dual-cured resins. The CORE-FLO DC Lite intro kit is available with UNIVERSAL PRIMER™, a low-film thickness, dual-cured adhesive/primer designed for the dentist who prefers not to light cure the adhesive layer under indirect restorations. The dual-cured adhesive is also ideal for use when cementing posts.

    The Catapult Group evaluated CORE-FLO DC LITE and 95 percent said that they would use the material in their dental practice. As one would expect in regards to handling the group’s opinion varied somewhat. While 63 percent of the group felt the material stacked well without slumping, 31 percent were neutral on this same topic. While only 62 percent of the group felt the material could be easily manipulated, 84 percent felt the material flowed well around the post and dentin undercuts without manipulation. In true fashion, one doctor noted, “excellent flow of the material’ while another stated it was too runny for his liking. Most of the doctors had no issues with voids in the material (85 percent).

    100 percent of the Catapult evaluators felt that the two shades available (Natural/A1 or Opaque White) were appropriate for either anterior use when esthetics is important or posterior use when high contrast was necessary to differentiate between composite and dentin. The overwhelming majority agreed that the build-up material cut like dentin during tooth preparation. The majority of evaluators also agreed that they would use CORE-FLO DC LITE for post cementation and build-up in one application. The evaluators also agreed unanimously that the material was easy to differentiate from healthy tooth structure both clinically and radiographically. 

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